Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics refers to the early detection (or interception) and treatment of dental problems.

The purpose of interceptive orthodontics is to eliminate or reduce the severity of developing dental problems in children. Just as important, interceptive orthodontics can save you time, money and future discomfort by correcting problems early.The optimum age for beginning treatment depends upon the specific issue at hand, but the best age for evaluation is usually around age 7. Why so early? Orthodontic issues often become apparent as permanent teeth emerge. We use interceptive orthodontics to thwart the development of dental problems and give kids happy, healthy smiles. A major growth spurt takes place at puberty, and we want to take advantage of this as well.

Dr Zummo has been doing interceptve orthodontics for 25 years and has a proven track record for success.

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